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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the treatments harmful to my children or pets?
A: All products used in our treatments are EPA registered, and when used according to the label pose little to no risk. Furthermore, all products selected for indoor use by our company fall into the caution category, which is EPA'S lowest risk category. Our state certified technicians are trained in the safest most effective method of treatment. Children and pets may contact areas after product has dried with no worry.
Q: What if I touch a treated area while it is still wet?
A: If you come in contact with one of our products before it dries, Simply wash with warm water and soap. Once the treatment area is dry you can contact the surface without warning.
Q: Will my house smell after the treatment?
A: In most cases, there is little to no smell associated with the service.
Q: When can expect to see results?
A: On the initial service we typically ask you give the treatment 10-14 days, but there are situations where results may be immediate. Depending on pest.
Q: If my home is treated right before it rains will the treatment be wash away?
A: Application made to pest breeding and hiding spots are usually not places rain contacts. Once our spray has dried it will be effective even if it rains. Think of it this way, you would not want a product that washes away after your lawn sprinklers turn on.
Q: What if I have a pest problem before my next scheduled service?
A: Our pest control is service is guaranteed. Give the office a call and we will return to address any issues at no charge.

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