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New Braunfels' Complete Guide To Norway Rats

December 15, 2020

The Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus) is known around the world by names like the Hanover rat, Parisian rat, brown rat, street rat, sewer rat, common rat, and wharf rat. No one can say for sure where this larger-than-life rodent species originated, but contrary to what its Norwegian, German, and French names imply, leading theories place the Norway rat’s genesis somewhere in China. Considering how prevalent this filthy creature is across continents, it should come as no surprise that the Norway rat is perhaps the most invasive rodent around.

brown rat crawling near the foundation

Problems The Norway Rat Can Create In Your New Braunfels Home

When it comes to the Norway rat, there are two dangers to keep in mind: disease and destruction. These rodents are notable carriers of pathogens, which they spread around as they travel. Sicknesses spread by Norway rats include Lyme disease, murine typhus, rat-bite fever, and the plague. Many of these bacterial strands don’t even come directly from the rat itself but smaller pests like fleas and ticks that hop aboard the rodents and eventually jump ship to infect humans. That’s right – rats won’t just carry diseases into your territory, they also carry more pests!
Your body isn’t the only thing at risk, your New Braunfels property is bound to suffer as well. The destructive potential of a Norway rat is nothing to scoff at! All rodents have oversized incisors. These teeth never stop growing as long as the creature is alive, and to one of these persistent rodents, tough materials such as wood, plastic, steel wool, copper, and uncured concrete mean nothing. Moreover, your utilities are in danger too as an oblivious rat can chew straight through the wiring in your walls which can cause electrical shorts or spark a fire.

What You Can Do To Keep Norway Rats From Invading

Like the rapacious Vikings of Norwegian history, an infestation of Norway rats will grow in size very quickly. It may be difficult to rat-proof your New Braunfels property but there are steps you can take to resist an incursion of Norway rats.

  1. Norway rats typically live in self-dug underground burrows with entrances that are blocked by shrubbery or long grass, so keep your lawn mowed and your shrubs maintained.
  2. If you own a dog or cat that spends time outside, be certain not to leave out unfinished meals. If your yard has a bird feeder, regularly remove piles of birdseed collecting below.
  3. Plug up holes around the outside of your structure, especially near the base of your New Braunfels home. While brown rats are larger than most pests, they are surprisingly nimble and are able to squeeze through very small holes.
  4. Perhaps even more incredible than the Norway rat’s ability to squeeze through tiny openings is the power of its teeth. Not even thin layers of metal are exempt from the force of their incisors! Hence, it is essential not to tempt the pests with an alluring smell right through the wall. Keep all your food and food trash sealed in airtight containers.
  5. Eliminate entryways like drainage or utility pipes and ventilation shafts. Introduce mesh or screen covers where appropriate and regularly perform check-ups to assure all remain intact.

How Pinnacle Pest Defense Can Help

The safest and most effective way to handle an invasion of Norway rats is to move beyond simple do-it-yourself prevention steps. If you’re serious about banishing rodents from your Braunfels property, partner with the professionals at Pinnacle Pest Defense. Contact the rodent control specialists at Pinnacle Pest Defense today and watch your rat problems disappear. 

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