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The Trick To Getting Rid Of Mice In Your New Braunfels Home

November 15, 2022

If you thought no one else could appreciate your property as much as you and your family do, along comes mice moving in to prove you wrong. And worst of all, they always come bearing gifts in the form of diseases that can potentially make your family ill.  

It’s a relief to know that Pinnacle Pest Defense offers the most effective pest control in New Braunfels to quickly eliminate different types of mice in and around your property, maintaining a healthy and safe environment.

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Habits And Behaviors Of Common House Mice

Self-proclaimed night owls have something in common with mice. You’ll likely run into these nocturnal critters while looking for a midnight snack. Even if you notice signs of mouse activity in your home during daytime hours, they're most active at night. And since their teeth continuously grow throughout their lives, mice gnaw on almost anything, especially hard materials, like wooden baseboards, fiberglass, and even soft concrete.

If you’ve encountered rodents in or around your home, contact professional pest control to rid your property of all types of mice.

Why Mice In Your House Can Be So Problematic

With their ability to get into many tight spaces inside your home, mice can be difficult to eradicate. They can also access areas where your utilities and electrical units are. Mice incessantly chew on a plethora of items, meaning any number of objects in your home are at risk of damage. If rodents gnaw on your wiring, they could cause an electrical fire. Also, mice carry diseases that can make your family ill, like leptospirosis, hantavirus, salmonella, tularemia, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV). You don't have to have direct contact with mice's urine or feces to get sick, as their waste produces airborne particles that your household members can breathe in easily.

Five Simple Yet Effective Mouse Prevention Tips For Around The House

As big as a mice problem may be, you can take solace in knowing that simple steps can lead to massive reductions in rodent intrusions. These creatures like to share in all the comforts your home provides. Mice seek the same cozy accommodations that people enjoy every day. So, the key to keeping mice away is to remove those attractive elements, forcing mice to look for lodging elsewhere. Check out five easy mouse prevention tips:

  • Patch holes and gaps in interior and exterior walls.
  • Plug small holes with steel wool or other durable materials.
  • Remove potential outdoor mice nesting sites, like mulch and leaf piles.
  • Eliminate food and water sources around your property.
  • Use trash bins with snugly fitting lids that can't be easily knocked off.

If you’re looking to repel mice naturally, try soaking some cotton balls in peppermint oil and strategically placing them around your home and yard. The overwhelming smell repulses rodents, urging them to seek a different location.  

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Home

Hands down, the fastest way to get rid of mice in your home is to partner with a professional pest management company. Educated and knowledgeable service technicians understand the different characteristics and behaviors of pests to implement the most effective elimination plan. No at-home remedy or do-it-yourself (DIY) method can compare to pest specialists' results.

With over 60 years of combined experience, Pinnacle Pest Defense has provided reliable solutions to our New Braunfels residents to resolve their pest problems. We understand the best way to catch mice and keep them from returning to your residence. Our staff relies only on the industry's newest technologies and latest practices. We offer complimentary inspections, so contact us today to request yours!

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