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What New Braunfels Property Owners Ought To Know About Crickets

September 15, 2020

Cricket chirps bring to mind the calm of a summer evening. However, you might disagree if you’ve ever had a cricket infestation. While crickets tend to keep to themselves outdoors, it comes as no surprise that some crickets like to invade New Braunfels, TX properties.Once crickets make their way indoors, New Braunfels residents might not be able to sleep. These loud, chirping pests belong outside, so here’s what you need to know about crickets – and what you can do to keep them out.

cricket on kitchen counter

Cricket Identification Tips

We hear crickets more often than we see them, but you should still know what these pests look like in case they get in your house. Only male crickets chirp, so you can’t always identify them by sound alone.
Crickets have stout, round bodies that often camouflage in nature. They have six spiny legs bent in the middle and flat at the end, a pair of body-length antennae, and a pair of body-colored wings that the males use to chirp. Most crickets grow between ½ an inch and 1 inch in length.
There are many different cricket species in Texas, but only three of these species are likely to get inside. The camel cricket is dark brown or black, has a “hump” on its back, and prefers places like basements or cellars. The field cricket is red or black, has a shiny appearance, and is most likely to jump on you by accident.
House crickets, as the name suggests, are the most likely to enter your home. These crickets are brown and black, live throughout the greater U.S., and can survive in many different habitats. These crickets are an average size and color, so unless something about the cricket looks noticeably distinct, chances are it’s one of these guys that got in your home.

Problems Crickets Cause In New Braunfels

Crickets by themselves aren’t dangerous. A cricket will rarely bite, and they certainly aren't venomous. However, New Braunfels homeowners shouldn’t let crickets stay inside for long because of two problems: discomfort and disease.
Most obviously, crickets can cause serious sleep problems. Since these nocturnal pests only chirp at night, you’ll lie awake for hours trying to locate their incessant chirping.
However, crickets can cause more than just sleep loss. Crickets transmit diseases like salmonella and E. coli, and the longer they stay in the house, the more likely these diseases will spread to your pantry. Additionally, crickets can sometimes carry parasites, resulting in allergic reactions or pet parasites.
Finally, crickets love to chew on papers and fabrics. You might find cricket damage on your clothes, sheets, and towels if you let them stay inside.

Cricket Infestation Prevention Tips

So, what can New Braunfels property owners do to keep these talkative bugs at bay? Consider the following:

  • Seal points of entry around the house, especially any cracks in your doorframe or windows. Double check that your vents and pipes are also properly sealed.
  • Mow and organize the lawn. Crickets love long grasses and disorganized wood piles, so keep your yard tidy and keep wood piles far away from the house.
  • Reduce areas of moisture in the house. Keep the bathroom and kitchen well ventilated, and control the humidity in your basement, garage, and shed.

On top of these tips, keep crickets out of your New Braunfels property with Pinnacle Pest Defense. We have the tools to kick crickets out and keep them from returning; when you contact us, we’ll keep crickets from coming in.

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