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Are Earwigs In New Braunfels, TX Dangerous?

August 13, 2021

Having an abundance of information on a subject will enable you to make wiser, well-rounded decisions. Details are vital; particularly when it comes to pests. The more they know allows home and business owners in New Braunfels to create a solid defense plan against pests. Tips are widely dispersed for creepy pests with notorious reputations, but little is shared about the mysterious ones.

Earwigs are very elusive bugs. A lot of people don’t have a clue what motivates their invasions, how they operate, or if they are dangerous. Many rumors are spread about them, but they are just rumors. Take some time to read up about these pests, so you’ll have an idea of what you’re facing. Also, discover what Pinnacle Pest Defense can do to keep them away.

an up close image of a big earwig

How Do Earwigs Look And Behave? What Are the Risks?

Earwigs vary quite a bit in size; they can be 0.20 to 0.98 of an inch long. They have flat bodies that are lean and reddish-brown. Though they have two sets of wings, most are unable to fly. A pair of pincers stick out from their stomachs; the appendages help them with self-defense and capturing prey. Further, they can be useful during the reproductive process. In the middle of these actions, the bugs release a strong-smelling liquid. If you’re pricked by their pincers, expect light pain and tiny scratches. Your skin won’t be broken. Contrary to popular belief, earwigs don’t penetrate ears or consume brains.

Your lawn or crops will be destroyed by earwigs, as they feed on greenery, sprouts, and decaying vegetation. They also munch on other insects. Cool and moist zones with plenty of shade are where you’ll find their eggs. Groups of them will be under logs and rocks and in mulch and gardens.

Additional important facts about earwigs are:

  • They are nocturnal
  • They can run extremely fast
  • They’ll violate human dwellings when the weather is dry
  • They usually hide in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms  
  • They move in masses, but infestations are rare

What Can Be Done to Prevent Earwigs?

You’ll have to put in an effort if you want to keep earwigs away. It may seem that these bugs aren’t prevalent, but they are. Seriously, they will wreck farming plots and landscaping. While they aren’t a threat to humans, they are unwanted because of their nasty odors and sharp pincers. Hone your building and lawn maintenance practices to discourage earwigs by:

  • Using gravel around your property’s perimeter, rather than soil.
  • Distancing rocks, wood, and greenery from exterior doors by two feet.
  • Mowing the lawn and trimming shrubs and plants often.
  • Directing downspouts and gutters away from foundations.
  • Attaching sweeps to all doors that face the outside.
  • Patching up holes in windows, doors, and foundations.
  • Regulating interior warmth with a dehumidifier.
  • Replacing outdoor yellow bulbs with white lights; earwigs are attracted to them.
  • Looking over flowers, outdoor furniture, packages, and newspapers before pulling them indoors.  
  • Placing food in secure canisters.

How Will Pinnacle Pest Defense Handle Earwigs?

Folks tend to defer to retail insecticides when they have pest issues, but it may not be a good practice. These items can be pricey, and they’re not worth it. Most are low in effectiveness and won’t address the infestation. They can be incredibly noxious too. We at Pinnacle Pest Defense have safe solutions for both the interior and exterior that won’t harm people, domestic animals, or vegetation.

Our experienced and highly-trained technicians will identify vulnerabilities and employ industrial-grade treatments, such as a liquid perimeter barrier to protect your home from these pests. When you call our New Braunfels pest exterminators today, you’ll be offered a free inspection with no obligation! 

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