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Easy Yet Effective Scorpion Control Tips For New Braunfels Property Owners

July 14, 2020

Scorpions are a pest that you never want to find on your New Braunfels property. Just like with spiders, many people are scared of scorpions because they have the ability to harm humans. However, not all scorpion species are dangerous.

striped bark scorpion on wood

In New Braunfels, the most common scorpion that can cause problems for property owners is the striped bark scorpion. This species grows to be about 2 inches long and is a cloudy yellow color with dark stripes on their backs. They have two claw-like pincers, and they are a nocturnal species.

However, despite their terrifying appearance, most stings are not fatal. However, they can be quite serious for people who have allergic reactions or other health issues. Even if the sting doesn’t lead to serious health concerns, they are always quite painful. You should always err on the side of caution and get advice from medical professionals right away if you’ve been stung.

What You Should Know About Scorpion Behaviors

The striped bark scorpion is nocturnal which means they spend their daytime hours in sheltered areas such as under rocks and leaves or in old, abandoned buildings. While they are mostly found outdoors, they may come inside in search of shelter or prey. Once they make their way indoors, both garages and basements can provide the hideouts and prey that they need to survive. They also often get into bathtubs.

At night, these scorpions come out to forage for prey. Unlike some scorpion species, they do not live in burrows. Their diet is varied and includes insects, spiders, and other scorpions.

Eleven Steps You Should Take To Prevent Scorpions

Because the striped bark scorpion can be dangerous and is also terrifying to encounter, you’ll want to take steps to keep them away from your property. You can follow some simple tips to help remove factors that attract them in the first place and also make it harder for them to hide around your yard. Here are eleven of the easiest and most effective ways to control scorpion populations:

  1. Seal up cracks and crevices in walls as these can provide easy access points
  2. Replace any screen doors or windows that are broken or torn
  3. Clean up fallen trees and other dead and decaying wood from your property
  4. Regularly remove decaying organic matter such as leaves and grass clippings
  5. Store firewood away from the exterior of your home
  6. Keep your home, garage, and any outbuildings free of excess clutter
  7. Address underlying pest issues that could be attracting scorpions
  8. Place weather-stripping and door sweeps around your house
  9. Keep moisture content low by fixing leaky pipes and faucets
  10. Reduce excess moisture by fixing dehumidifiers
  11. Get help from pest control professionals who have experience removing and preventing scorpions

How To Keep Your Property Safe From Scorpions

Since striped bark scorpions can be a dangerous pest to encounter, taking steps to prevent and control them is vital. Dealing with scorpions can be a scary experience, but you don’t have to handle them on your own. The expert pest control professionals at Pinnacle Pest Defense have over 60 years of experience handling scorpions and other dangerous pests in the area. With a focus on easy scheduling and affordable programs, we make pest control simple. Contact us today to get your free home inspection.

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