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How Dangerous Are The Rats In New Braunfels?

December 15, 2021

Oh, rats! Oh…rats? If big rats in Texas are causing nightmares, it’s time to call Pinnacle Pest Defense. We can identify Texas rats in New Braunfels. We get rid of rats too! Whatever types of rats in Texas have invaded the property, our technicians can find the right solution. We can even help homeowners seeking natural pest control methods such as plants that keep rats away.

a norway rat on a bathroom sink

Types Of Rats In Texas

Rodents follow the trail that leads to food, wherever it may lead. These critters have learned that where there are people, there is plenty of food. Combine these facts to see that rats have become fans of the Lone Star State. There are two main types of rats that can cause problems for residents in New Braunfels.

Norway Rat

When folks say everything is bigger in Texas, they could be talking about these rodents. Adults can weigh more than a pound and measure well over a foot in length from tip to tail. These big rats in Texas naturally exhibit fur in shades of brown to gray. Bellies are lighter in color.

A social mammal, the Norway rat prefers to live surrounded by family and friends. This nocturnal rodent lives in meadows and farm areas but can also invade homes when resources diminish. Basements, attics, cellars, sheds, and garages are preferred areas in human homes.

Roof Rat

This rat is smaller than the Norway rat in both length and weight. Tails are longer than both this rodent’s body and head combined. Colors may be brown and gray with black furs interspersed throughout its coat. The belly can be lighter than the overall body color. Known for their superior climbing abilities, these rats can easily access elevated sites such as trees, attics, roofs, and utility lines. The roof rat is a social creature and can adapt to many types of situations and environments.

Problems Associated With Texas Rats

Rats are not just unsavory beasts, they also pose significant health risks to homeowners in New Braunfels. Bubonic plague, typhus, rat-bite fever, salmonellosis, cowpox, jaundice, and trichinosis are some of the conditions that these rodents are capable of causing. Additionally, rats can take a big bite out of residents’ wallets. Being able to chew and gnaw through all types of materials makes this pest a threat to homes. Piping, siding, wood, wiring, and drywall are samples of some of the materials that a rat can ruin with its teeth.

Preventing Rats In New Braunfels

Taking some preventative measures against a rat infestation can pay off for homeowners, such as:

  • Deny Entrance - When a rat wants food, water, or shelter, it can find a way. Usually, this way involves using its teeth to gnaw through whatever materials are blocking it. Check the home for any cracks or gaps. Seal any crevice that is the size of a nickel or smaller with caulk after installing rodent mesh.

  • Reduce Moisture - These (and many other) pests love water and damp areas. Install a dehumidifier in an area where ventilation is poor; empty frequently. Ensure there are no leaks or drips from any of the home’s pipes or faucets.

  • Remove Yard Attractants - Disassemble woodpiles. Remove leaf litter and assorted debris that rats could use for shelter. Take down bird feeders. Empty birdbaths. Ensure sprinklers are in good repair. Do not feed or water pets outside. Avoid composting onsite.

  • Try Natural Methods - Using a few plants that keep rats away in home landscaping can help as well. Consider planting marigolds, lavender, mint, amaryllis, and sage.

The Best Way To Handle Rat Infestations In New Braunfels

Need to get rid of rats? If these rodents are taking over, the safest way to successfully handle an infestation is by calling Pinnacle Pest Defense. We provide both residential pest control as well as commercial pest management services. We offer a professional approach to rodent removal that is effective and long-lasting. When our technicians begin working, rats get packing.

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