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The Trick To Keeping Wasps Away From Your New Braunfels Yard

March 15, 2021

Just because something likes sweet things does not make it sweet itself, and for the prime example of that, look at wasps. These aggressive stinging insects wreak havoc across Braunfels and may be looking at your yard as a new location to build a home. To good news is we have a simple trick to keeping wasps away from your yard. Want to know what it is? Let’s jump right in.

paper wasp on picnic table

Common Wasps Around Braunfels 

Before we can talk about preventing wasps, we have to first break down what types of wasps are present in our area. Some of the most common species of wasps around Braunfels include cicada killers, mud daubers, yellow jackets, Mexican honey wasps, sweat bees, and paper wasps. Although different in size and coloration, all wasps have a very similar appearance. 
They are all brightly colored, all have pinched midsections and at least two wings, and are all equipped with a pair of antennae and a painful stinger. Unlike bees, which usually die after stinging once, these pests can use their stingers multiple times without threatening their health.  

Where Do Wasps Build Their Nests?

Different species of wasps build different types of nests. Paper wasps build large paper mache like nests on the sides of buildings or trees. Mud daubers build solitary tubes made of mud on vertical surfaces. 
Sweat bees don’t build nests at all, but rather nest in the ground or softwood. There are even some types of wasps that construct nests underground. This is important for you to be mindful of so that you avoid accidentally putting your foot through a stinging landmine. 

Wasps Aren’t All Bad

There is no denying that wasps are bothersome and painful pests. Something you should know, however, is that wasps are beneficial to the environment, much in the same way that honey bees are. This is great but doesn’t change the fact that these stinging insects are not a welcome sight to see around your property.

Landscaping Tips To Deter Wasps

Many factors make your yard more attractive to wasps. To stop these painful pests before they settle down around your property, here are some great landscaping tips to use:

  • Fill holes around your yard.
  • Keep your grass, bushes, and trees well maintained.
  • Consider removing flowers from your yard and garden.
  • Plant some wasp repelling plants like cucumber, wormwood, and basil in your garden.
  • Pick up fruit as it falls from trees onto your yard.
  • Knockdown wasp nests if they are smaller than a golfball.
  • Seal gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Make sure your window/door screens are in good working order.
  • Keep exterior lights turned off at night.

The Best Way To Handle A Wasp Nest 

No matter how brave you are, there is no reason to try to take care of a wasp nest on your own. One wrong move and you will be running scared hoping you don’t get stung. To get wasps off your property fast and without risk to your health, let the experts at Pinnacle Pest Defense help. 
We have the safety equipment and training needed to handle wasp infestation of all shapes and sizes. We also offer active year-round pest control services, which include regular checks and elimination for new nests along with protection against a wide range of other common household pests.
Contact our team today to learn more about our comprehensive pest control plans or schedule your home for an emergency service visit.

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