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What New Braunfels Property Owners Need To Know About Effective Mouse Control

November 13, 2020

If you’ve ever seen old cartoons, you probably remember images of mice making perfect half-circle holes in walls and creating adorable little homes inside. While this isn’t what a mouse infestation in New Braunfels actually looks like, it is true that mice frequently invade homes in the area and across the country.

a mouse infestation in a garden shed

In fact, the common house mouse is one of the most prolific and widespread home-invading pests. While they might be tiny, they can create many frustrating problems for property owners in the area.
The house mouse is a tiny rodent that only gets to be about 6-8 inches long including their tails. They are a brown-grey color with light underbellies, and they have triangular-shaped heads with pointed noses. Unlike rats, they have long, thin tails that don’t have scales, and their ears are bigger in proportion to their faces than a rat’s ears.
In this article, you’ll learn why a mouse infestation is a huge cause for concern and discover the most effective way to keep yourself and others around you safe from these dangerous and destructive pests.

House Mice And The Dangers They Pose

Rodents like house mice are mainly a problem because they cause many health and safety risks for you and others around you. Despite their size, they carry many different diseases including leptospirosis, salmonella, and hantavirus. Their urine, feces, and fur can make people sick by causing allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and other respiratory problems. And, if all of that wasn’t concerning enough, they can also carry fleas and other parasites.
These mice can also cause safety issues as they will constantly gnaw on many different materials including wiring and plumbing. They've developed a rather dependent relationship with humans and will often get into people and pet food and cause contamination.

Why It’s Not So Easy To Control Mice Infestations

Unfortunately, another big problem with house mouse infestations is that they are difficult to keep out and also difficult to remove. There are three main reasons for this:

  • The life cycle and behavior of a house mouse makes them nearly impossible to manage. They can reproduce quickly with each female mouse having up to around 100 pups each year.
  • A house mouse can slip through extremely tiny holes and crevices even those that are no bigger than a dime. Because of this, it can be hard to keep them from coming inside even if you try to seal up entry points.
  • Once an infestation begins, it can be difficult to remove an entire population using DIY methods such as traps. Mice can hide under flooring and inside of walls, so while traps can reduce their numbers, they seldom get the entire infestation.

The Best In Total Mouse Control

While it can be overwhelming to have a mouse infestation especially given how hard they are to prevent and remove, there is an answer to this problem. You don’t have to deal with mice on your own as the experts at Pinnacle Pest Defense can remove any mouse or rodent infestation regardless of how large. We are a locally owned and operated company with over 60 years of combined experience providing commercial and residential pest control. Our team is happy to assist you with both the prevention and removal of house mouse infestations. Find out more about our rodent control options by giving us a call today. We also offer free inspections.

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