The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Wasps In New Braunfels

Wasp removal is often a necessary step in proper New Braunfels pest control. Wasps are common stinging insects, and they can be found in homes, restaurants, businesses, and even farms. We know you don’t want to give up your outdoor barbecues or miss out on enjoying your garden because of these pests. That’s why we want to make sure you get all the information you need on wasp control in New Braunfels.

the most effective way to get rid of wasps in new braunfels

How To Identify A Wasp

There are several types of wasps in New Braunfels, so it’s important to know what kind you’re dealing with before taking any action against them.

A paper wasp is the most common type found in North America. They can get up to 3/4 inches long and are usually brown with yellow markings. Their nests are made out of paper and can be found hanging on a tree or wall. Paper wasps are typically non-aggressive, but they will sting if they feel threatened.

Yellow jackets are another type of wasp. They’re black with bright yellow stripes and can get up to 5/8 inches long. Yellow jackets build a nest out of wood fiber, which is often in the ground, but they also sometimes build aerial nests. These black and yellow wasps are more aggressive and will attack if they feel threatened.

Eastern cicada-killer wasps are much larger than other wasps, with a body length of 1-1/2 inches or more. They’re black with yellow stripes, and their wings have spots of red on them. Cicada-killer wasps are solitary hunters that dig holes and tunnels in the ground where they will lay their eggs.

A bald-faced hornet can be up to 5/8 inches long, with a body that’s mostly black with white markings on the face and abdomen. Bald-faced hornets build nests out of a paper substance they make themselves, which can be found hanging from trees or shrubs.

The Potential Dangers Of A Wasp Infestation

A wasp infestation can be a hazard on your property because it can be dangerous and harmful to you and your family. They are known to sting humans, pets, and other animals. They can sting multiple times, and the stings are painful, red, and swollen. If you or someone in your family is allergic to wasp venom, a sting could lead to anaphylaxis. This can be life-threatening if not treated immediately by medical professionals.

Five Effective Wasp Prevention Tips

Wasp prevention in New Braunfels is essential to protect yourself and your family from wasp stings. You can take some steps around your home to keep from attracting them.

  1. Keep food covered when eating outside so that you don’t attract wasps.
  2. Seal cracks and crevices in your home so that wasps can’t enter.
  3. Make sure your screens have no tears or holes.
  4. Avoid wearing any scented products that could attract wasps, such as perfume or cologne, or sweet-smelling shampoos or lotions.
  5. Clean up spills right away, and don’t leave drinks unattended.

Wasp prevention is the best way to avoid a wasp invasion. However, if you’ve already been invaded by wasps, the best way to get rid of wasps in New Braunfels is with a professional pest control company.

The Secret To Total Wasp Control For New Braunfels Properties

If you’re in New Braunfels and have a problem with wasps, we can help. Our home pest control experts at Pinnacle Pest Defense are the ones to call when you find wasps in your home or business.

Our team of wasp control experts will work hard to get rid of all types of wasps in New Braunfels as quickly as possible.

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