Customized, Year-Round Pest Control Services In Floresville, TX

As the county seat of Wilson County, Texas, Floresville has a nice combination of rustic charm and modern life. Just a short trip down the highway from San Antonio, Floresville also gets plenty of tourism and spillover from the traffic of urban sprawl. But where there is human activity there is also pest activity, which is why local property owners need to learn how they can protect themselves before an infestation strikes. With Pinnacle Pest Defense, we can help you every step of the way.

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Home Pest Control In Floresville, TX

While the Texas climate lends itself to lots of gorgeous weather for outdoor recreation, it also means that pests can stay active all year long. To avoid pest problems, you need to get started right away on proper prevention and control. No, we don’t mean to do this by ourselves. At-home methods often aren’t totally effective, and only experts know all the places to look for signs of pests or the factors that attract them. At Pinnacle Pest Defense, we help Floresville residents avoid and eliminate pest problems before they can lead to things like damage and disease. Here’s how:

  • General Services: Our general services protect against more than 20 common local pests. They also include de-webbing services and exterior or interior treatments that ward off future infestations.
  • Specialty Services: Some pests require a more targeted approach, like fleas, termites, and cockroaches. At Pinnacle Pest Defense, we specialize in these bugs so you’re always safe from them.
  • Treatment Tiers: From our basic, pro, and platinum service options, we match you with the right service depending on your level of need.

Protect your home from year-round pests by contact Pinnacle Pest Defense today.

Commercial Pest Control In Floresville, TX

No one wants to have to deal with a pest infestation, but businesses have plenty of the things that attract pests of all kinds. From ample food, water, and shelter to plenty of daily human activity, commercial properties are at an even greater risk of infestation than homes and apartment buildings. That’s why it’s crucial to partner with local professionals who can keep your business healthy. At Pinnacle Pest Defense, we can help with the early prevention and prompt removal of existing problems. Here are just some of the types of businesses we can help:

  • Churches: The last thing you want when you go into worship is to see some gross critter crawling around the pews. We help churches deal with infestations promptly and defend against future problems.
  • Healthcare Settings: From medical offices to nursing homes, we take protecting patients seriously.
  • Schools: As places where food, waste, and children gather, schools are attractive targets for all kinds of pests.
  • Storage: This includes both self-storage facilities and warehouses because both are areas where pests have lots of space to find nesting grounds.

Take care of your Wilson County business the right way by calling on Pinnacle Pest Defense.

Four Reasons To Choose Pro Termite Control In Floresville

You shouldn’t underestimate any pests, but you especially shouldn’t underestimate termites. These toiling insects bore through wooden materials, especially human structures. It doesn’t take long for this damage to lead to structural concerns and hazardous conditions. Because people know how dangerous termites can be, they often make the mistake of trying to prevent or eliminate them on their own. But at-home methods can’t account for the literal thousands of termites that hide below ground and often outdoors. Here are just some of the reasons why professional termite control is better than DIY:

  1. Inspections: Most of the time, people don’t even know they have termites until it’s too late to avoid damage. Experts can thoroughly check your home for the early signs, helping you eliminate the problem before it leads to structural damage.
  2. Effective: Only professional methods are guaranteed to eliminate the termite queens that fuel the population.
  3. Affordable: Paying for pest control that actually works is a lot cheaper than dealing with the fallout of pest damage. That’s why you can save yourself time and money in the long run by simply turning straight to the professionals.
  4. Comprehensive: The other reason to trust experts is that we protect you from a wide range of pest problems, not just the termites you might be concerned about.

Don’t wait for termites to be a problem before you take them seriously, contact Pinnacle Pest Defense today.

How Do Rodents Get Into Floresville Homes?

Many kinds of pests are known for invading homes easily, but rodents may just be the most elite critters when it comes to infiltration. They often wait outdoors, nesting in yards or neighboring properties and waiting until they can find a way inside of homes or businesses. Once they get in, they can lead to property damage, disease and even carry fleas or ticks that can plague you and your furry family members. Learn how rodents commonly enter homes so you can avoid letting them in:

  • Doors & Windows: A door or window left open can allow rodents to slip or squeeze their way in. They can even chew through flimsy window screens to gain entry.
  • Cracks & Holes: Rodents will claw and bite at pretty much anything, especially areas where they can create a large enough opening to squeeze through. Cracks or holes in exterior walls provide them with an area to concentrate on for possible entry.
  • Water Damage: Another way pests are provided easier access is from moisture damage, which can lead to decayed wood that’s much easier to burrow through.
  • Yards: Again, pest problems tend to form outdoors. Whether it’s debris piles or overgrown bushes and grass, rodents are often attracted to nesting grounds in your yard before finding ways indoors.

Protect your Floresville home from rodents the right way by letting experts identify your weak points. Contact Pinnacle Pest Defense today to get started.

Everything That Attracts Wasps To Floresville Yards

Wasps are flying, stinging insects that are noticeably more active during the spring and summer. During this time, you might unintentionally be attracting wasps to your yard with opportunities for food, water, and shelter. 

These pests are beneficial to people because they are both pollinators and predators, so they help with crop production and insect control. But these are other reasons you might see wasps in your yard. Many flowering plants attract wasps and their prey pests upon which they feed. However, other sweet liquids like soda and fallen fruit that are fermenting can also attract them.

The other factors that might attract wasps are water sources such as bird baths, ponds, and pools; and places where they can safely build nests. Nesting sites often include tree stumps, logs, eaves, overhangs, window frames, garbage cans, and ground cavities.

Contact us at Pinnacle Pest Defense for assistance with preventing and controlling any type of wasp on your Floresville property.

How You May Be Underestimating Fleas In Floresville

If you are underestimating fleas, you aren’t the only one. These tiny parasitic insects are regularly overlooked, especially by people who don’t have pets in their homes. But the reality is that fleas can affect anyone, so it’s essential to understand this pest to protect yourself from an infestation. 

Although small, fleas can spread many diseases to people and pets. These diseases include bartonellosis, bubonic plague, murine typhus, tapeworm, tularemia, and tungiasis. They can also spread cat-scratch fever from infected felines.

As previously mentioned, fleas don’t only infest homes with pets. Wildlife, rodents, and birds are often the cause. Whether they get inside the house or are responsible for bringing fleas into the yard, these animals usually have a hand in flea infestations. 

When animals that carry fleas get into your yard or home, they can deposit flea eggs, which will wait until the conditions are right to hatch. If it feels like your flea problem came out of nowhere, it could be due to eggs surviving in the cracks of flooring or other protected areas.

Using the flea lifecycle against them is the best way to get an infestation under control, so if you are dealing with fleas in your home, ask our experts at Pinnacle Pest Defense how we can help. Our home pest control services can keep the critters that carry fleas out of your yard and home.

Here’s How To Deal With Cockroaches In Your Floresville Home 

No one wants cockroaches in their home. These pests are gross, dangerous, and have a reputation that often makes people feel ashamed if they are dealing with an infestation. Look to the pest control professionals for assistance in getting rid of a cockroach problem quickly and effectively.

For a cockroach infestation in your Floresville home, our licensed technicians can help with a process that specifically targets this pest:

  • Cockroach control begins with an inspection to determine where they are nesting and most active.
  • Treatments will vary depending on your situation but may include insect growth regulators, glue boards and sticky pheromone traps, bait, insect monitors, and vacuuming.
  • Because of the challenges of cockroaches, they often require one to two follow-up services to ensure elimination. During these visits, we will re-inspect and treat as necessary.

Don’t try to deal with cockroaches on your own; call Pinnacle Pest Defense. 

What Every Floresville Property Owner Should Know About Earwigs

You may know about earwigs from the myth that they crawl into people’s ears, but this isn’t true. Earwigs are no more likely to go near your ear than any other pest.

Earwigs are insects that fall into the occasional invader category of pests because they aren’t dangerous and don’t usually reproduce indoors. Often, earwigs and occasional invaders make their way into homes searching for shelter when the conditions outside aren’t favorable.

These pests can get inside through cracks in the foundation, holes in siding and exterior walls, gaps around windows and doors, and damaged screens. They might also make their way in by hitching a ride on potted plants, packages, or other items from outside. 

Some of the areas you might find them in your home include:

  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry rooms
  • Basements
  • Storage areas
  • Near baseboards
  • In house plants
  • Under sinks 

An earwig problem in your home can indicate a moisture issue, which can also cause other pests to seek shelter inside. So if you see earwigs, don’t ignore them just because they aren’t a dangerous pest.

Pinnacle Pest Defense can assist you with earwig control in Floresville. Give us a call for more information about the services we offer to keep earwigs and other pests out of your home. 

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