Effective, Local Pest Control Services In Wilson County, TX

Southeast of San Antonio, Wilson County is a charming and rustic change of pace from the big city atmosphere. With its rolling plains and historic buildings, it can feel like we’re hundreds of miles from the bustle of modern life. Nevertheless, Wilson County’s natural spaces and close proximity to a massive urban center mean that local property owners have plenty of pest activity to contend with. What’s more, the big companies that operate in San Antonio can be too swamped to deal with an infestation quickly. That’s why Wilson County residents turn to Pinnacle Pest Defense for effective and local pest control.

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Home Pest Control In Wilson County, TX

In Texas, pests are a year-round concern. Thanks to our warm climate, they can remain active during the times of the year when they normally hunker down in other parts of the country. That’s why proper pest defense is a worthwhile investment for local property owners. Pests can bring damage and disease to your Wilson County home, and partnering with pest experts can keep you a step ahead. At Pinnacle Pest Defense, we’ve got service packages for all homeowners, regardless of budget or level of need.

  • Pinnacle Pest: Our basic plans offer thorough inspections and both interior and exterior treatments. This protection plan covers 20 different types of pests.
  • Pinnacle Pro: With our pro plan you get all the same stuff as the basic package but with protection from some of the more dangerous pests, like fire ants and scorpions.
  • Pinnacle Platinum: Our most comprehensive plan, the platinum package also protects your home against parasites like fleas and destructive pests like termites.

Regardless of which type of service you might want, it’s important to act now before pest problems have a chance to grow out of control. Contact Pinnacle Pest Defense today to get started.

Commercial Pest Control In Wilson County, TX

Pests are always looking for food, water, and shelter, which makes local businesses pretty attractive to bugs and other critters looking for a place to grow their numbers. That’s why commercial pest control is so important — without it, the factors that are part of your day-to-day activities can attract pests from far and wide. Smart business owners partner with Pinnacle Pest Defense to ensure that an infestation never grows into a costly and disruptive process. Here’s how we can help your Wilson County business:

  • Customer Service: We take customer satisfaction very seriously, so you always know that you’ll get a friendly and professional technician visiting your business.
  • Non-Intrusive: Part of our customer-oriented focus for businesses is to bear in mind that you can’t afford disruptions to your daily activities. We always work with you to find a time when our treatments will be the least intrusive.
  • IPM: That stands for Integrated Pest Management, which is an industry term that simply means we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. We utilize a wide range of pest control methods, depending on your property and the type of pests that are a problem.

Don’t wait for pest problems to cause damage or health concerns for your business before you take pest control seriously, contact Pinnacle Pest Defense today.

How To Control Fleas On Wilson County Properties

No pests are good to have around, but the kinds that bite you and feed on your blood are some of the nastiest and most dangerous. While mosquitoes tend to come to mind, there are many other kinds of invasive parasites to worry about, including fleas. No, these pests aren’t just a problem for animals, they will bite people, too. That’s why it’s important to take steps to prevent infestations before they happen and respond quickly to a flea population if you notice one.

The best way to address fleas at every stage of an infestation is to turn to Pinnacle Pest Defense. We specialize in methods that completely remove fleas and other parasites. Our effective exterior and interior treatments can even ward them off and prevent them from getting inside your home in the first place. Whether you need a thorough inspection to determine whether pests are a concern or you already have an infestation, contact Pinnacle Pest Defense today.

Four Ways To Identify A Termite Problem In Your Wilson County Home

Few pests are as dangerous and destructive as termites. While they don’t bite people or pets, termites chew through structural woods and can lead to hazardous conditions in your home. Many people don’t even realize they have a termite problem until their roof is collapsing or an entire wall of their structure is sagging. That is why it’s so important to turn to experts, who can help you identify these signs of a termite infestation:

  • Holes: Unfortunately, most signs of termites remain hidden until the damage is far along. That’s because they tend to attack woods from subterranean tunnels, so the holes they leave as they bore through materials aren’t often seen on the surface. If you do notice them, it is important to respond right away.
  • Frass: One of the ancillary signs of termite activity is the fine sawdust or frass that they leave behind. You’ll often see this in little piles or lines.
  • Clicking: Another sign that’s not often apparent, some people nevertheless get clued into a termite problem because of the faint clicking sound that comes from within the walls.
  • Warped Wood: As termites bore through structural woods, they cause warping and buckling that alters the surface. Finding wall panels or windows and doors that suddenly don’t look right is a sure sign of extensive damage.

Don’t wait for these signs before you take termites seriously, get started on overall protection today by contacting Pinnacle Pest Defense.

Three Easy Ways To Keep Scorpions Away From Your Wilson County Property

Scorpions are frequent visitors to Wilson County properties like yours, and while most of the species that you’ll encounter are a simple nuisance, some are not.

Here are three easy ways to help prevent a scorpion issue:

  1. Create a tidy yard. Things like leaf piles, yard debris, and shade are all responsible for attracting scorpions and some of the pests that they eat, so it’s important to eliminate these factors.
  2. Address moisture issues. Scorpions live in pretty arid conditions, which is why they get thirsty very quickly. If you have leaky gutters, standing water, or other moisture issues around your property, you’ll want to fix them completely.
  3. Seek professional assistance. Working with a pest control company will provide routine barrier treatments, conducive condition reduction, and education on the ways in which you can further reduce scorpion attraction.

At Pinnacle Pest Defense, we provide property owners with reliable scorpion control that is based in the methods of Integrated Pest Management. These guidelines help us ensure that we create lasting pest-free results that are also environmentally sustainable. And because scorpions are of constant concern in the area, we’ll provide routine visits in order to keep future issues from developing.

For more information on keeping scorpions off of your property, contact us today.

Ants Found In Wilson County: The Complete Guide

There are many types of ants that invade Wilson County properties and here are the most important ones to know:

  • Carpenter ants: The carpenter ant is one of the largest species of ant in the area and is most notable for the property damage that it can cause. While it doesn’t eat wood, but rather burrows through it, the carpenter ant can cause damage that’s similar to termites.
  • Fire ants: These small red ants are hard to miss, with their bright coloring, as the name would suggest. They usually live outside and are known for their above-ground mounds but they can also deliver painful bites if they perceive a threat.
  • Pharaoh ants: This species of ant is easy to distinguish given their appearance and presence of a large gaster, which is their posterior. These ants do not bite but they can pass along the pathogens that cause streptococcus and clostridium infections as well as salmonellosis.

For ant control regardless of the species, contact Pinnacle Pest Defense today. 

Why Are Earwigs In My Wilson County Home?

Despite what you may have heard, earwigs do not crawl inside of your ear at night. These pests have relatively flat elongated bodies that are brown in coloring and they also come equipped with a set of large pincers. If you’re seeing them inside of your home, there are a few key reasons why that might be happening. To start, you may be unknowingly attracting earwigs due to porch lights or other lighting fixtures. Another prominent reason for earwig infestations centers around moisture and an excess of it. They usually live outside, but when conditions in Wilson County grow too hot or too dry, earwigs will seek refuge in spaces that provide dampness. Earwigs are able to access the inside of your home because of openings that you might not know you have. They utilize plumbing voids, spaces around pipes, gaps around doors, crevices in foundations, and any other space they can find.

The truth is, keeping earwigs out of your home can prove difficult because of the simple things that they seek. If you use night lights outside of your property or have a leaky faucet, that may be enough to lure earwigs, and then there are environmental factors that are beyond your control. At Pinnacle Pest Defense, we follow Integrated Pest Management methods to provide continuous relief from earwigs no matter the time of year.

For more information on earwig control, please contact us today. 

How To Keep Wasps Away From Your Wilson County Yard

Wasps are some of the most aggressive and territorial pests that you might see around your Wilson County yard. Here are a few tips to keep them away:

  • Decorate your patio with paper lanterns or blown-up brown paper bags to mimic other nests.
  • Refrain from using scented hygiene products like soaps and shampoos and opt out of applying perfumes. Another way to make yourself less attractive to wasps is by avoiding bright-colored clothes and bold patterns.
  • If you have fruit trees, always clean up fruit that may have fallen and is rotting.
  • Try to keep blossoming flowers at least 20 feet from your home and opt for lavender, clove, and rosemary where you can.
  • Seek professional guidance and services from a pest control company.

At Pinnacle Pest Defense, we provide homeowners with the quality services that are required in order to fully eliminate a wasp problem and keep them from coming back. We base our treatments around Integrated Pest Management, which is so crucial for pests like wasps. In addition to the exterior treatments that we apply, our trained technicians will also remove any nests around your property, whether they’re active or old.

To learn more about wasp control, contact us today.

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