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a scorpion in a braunfels kictchen cup

How To Keep Scorpions Away From Your New Braunfels Property

July 15, 2021

We think that the scorpion has a good chance to claim the title for the creepiest pest. These six-legged arachnids look dangerous, skitter around threateningly, and are one of the worst pests to find inside your Braunfels property. Learn about our reliable way to keep scorpions out of your living areas.... Read More

a wasp on a leaf

How Dangerous Are The Wasps In New Braunfels?

June 15, 2021

While we can all appreciate their hard work in the fields, they're aggressively defensive of their nests, and they don't realize that humans aren't usually a threat to their homes. Wasps can sting multiple times, and a swarm of attacking wasps can go from painful to deadly really fast.... Read More

a flea jumping on a new braunfels pet

How Flea Infestations Start In New Braunfels Homes

April 15, 2021

They don’t sell flea collars for humans, so that must mean fleas aren’t people pests, right? Unfortunately, wrong. Although our furry friends are the most greatly affected by fleas, humans are still susceptible to having issues with these annoying dangerous bugs. How do flea infestations start, and what should you be doing around your New Braunfels property to keep them out? How Many Fleas Are Th... Read More

termites scrawling on decayed or chewed wood

Four Signs Your New Braunfels Property Has A Termite Problem

February 15, 2021

You may not see any insects or creatures around your New Braunfels home or business, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist on the land. Many species are able to begin a nest and fester without humans realizing it. This is the case with termites. Termite destruction is profound and costly. ... Read More

mouse eating flour in kitchen

Why Can't I Get These Rodents Out Of My New Braunfels Home?

January 15, 2021

In New Braunfels, rodents abound. While you might not mind seeing them outside, you won't like it when they make your way inside. Unfortunately, rodents are very dangerous, and once they're around, they're difficult to get rid of. Find out why it's so hard to get mice and rats out of your residence.... Read More

brown rat crawling near the foundation

New Braunfels' Complete Guide To Norway Rats

December 15, 2020

If you suspect you have rats in your New Braunfels home, you are probably pretty freaked out. Rats are filthy, disease-spreading creatures that can cause all sorts of problems when they get into a home. In today's article, we are focusing on Norway rats, why they are a problem, and what you can do to get them out and keep them out.... Read More

a mouse infestation in a garden shed

What New Braunfels Property Owners Need To Know About Effective Mouse Control

November 13, 2020

If you’ve ever seen old cartoons, you probably remember images of mice making perfect half-circle holes in walls and creating adorable little homes inside. While this isn’t what a mouse infestation in New Braunfels actually looks like, it is true that mice frequently invade homes in the area and across the country.... Read More

bagworm hiding infesting evergreens

What New Braunfels Property Owners Need To Know About Bagworm Control

October 15, 2020

If you have bagworms on your New Braunfels property and aren’t sure how to get rid of them, you don’t have to deal with these issues on your own. The expert team at Pinnacle Pest Defense is here to provide advice and assistance. We have over 60 years of combined experience providing residential and commercial pest control, and you can count on our great customer service at low prices. To find out more, or to get a free inspection, ... Read More

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